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History has shown that new industries always emerge from the deep integration of advanced technology, finance, industries and commerce, leading technological innovation and industrial development. Powered by science and technology, emerging industries have gained momentum in the battle against economic crisis and become a new economic growth area. They will not only drive the economy out of recession but also spur a new round of prosperity.

Led by developed countries, emerging industries will be the focus of global industrial restructuring, industrial transfer and technology transfer.

Links of WEIS Summits: 

The 1st (2010) World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS)

The 2nd (2013) World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS) 

The 3rd (2015) World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS) 

The World Emerging Industries Summit is a top-level conference on international cooperation of the world’s emerging industries. Initiated by the Asia-Pacific CEO Association, a renowned international economic organization, the summit enjoys robust support worldwide. Sponsors include political leaders, industrial leaders and government bodies.

The World Emerging Industries Summit is an unprecedented top-level event as world giants of emerging industries gather together for cooperation and development.

The 1st (2010) World Emerging Industries Summit is co-hosted by APCEO and Jilin Provincial Government of China.

The 2nd(2013) World Emerging Industries Summit is co-hosted by APCEO and Wuhan Municipal Government of China.

The 3rd (2015) World Emerging Industries Summit is co-hosted by APCEO and Henan Provincial Government of China.

l      To promote information and technology exchange of emerging industries

l      To strengthen international economic cooperation within emerging industries

l      To provide global investment opportunities for enterprises

l      To reflect on successful development model in different countries and regions

l      To explore effective ways of intellectual property rights protection and brand development


l      Political Figures Worldwide;

l      Leaders from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, Global Outsourcing 100 companies and other outstanding listed companies from all over the world;

l      Leaders from industry-leading companies within world emerging industries;

l      Congressmen, ministers, governors, mayors and etc. of relevant countries

l  Renowned economists, experts and scholars;

l  Chiefs from famous international organizations and industry associations.


l      Summit forum

l      Meetings among top government officials

l      World New Technology and Project Exhibition

l      Business talks on investment and cooperation

l      Business visit

l      Sightseeing

l      Selection activity


The development of emerging industries will unfold a new round of global industrial revolution and global industry and technology transfer. Led by developed countries, emerging industries will be the focus of global industrial restructuring and industry and technology transfer, setting fresh agendas for global economic cooperation, international trade and investment.

Emerging industries came into being with the invention and application of new technologies in different countries. They take shape through either the industrialization of new technologies or upgrading traditional industries. At the current stage, emerging industries centre on :

New energy

New materials

Energy conservation and environmental protection

Electronic automobiles


Information networks

High-end Manufacturing

Mordern  Service Industry

... ...

History has shown that a major economic crisis is often followed by technological breakthrough which will spur an industrial revolution and drive the emergence of new industries, forming new economic growth areas. Those who seize the opportunities in the crisis will first recover and ride the wave of fresh growth. Britain and America each emerged from the Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution and became global economic giants.

Currently, developed countries are leading the whole world in a race of economic and technological development. What we have in store is an age of innovation and industrial rejuvenation, with emerging industries being the driving force of world economic growth.


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